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Useful Information

Date Document Contributor
8th February, 2020

Summary of The Heelwork Test Content

Richard Kebble
9th April, 2014

Dog Trainer Courses: Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Instructors (KCAI)

Gina Pink
20th March, 2014

KCGC Dog Scheme Special Pre-Beginner Obedience Stakes 2014 Heats

Paul Allen
30th June, 2013

Fran Godfrey's notes for Stewarding up to Novice

Fran Godfrey
29th June, 2013

Fran Godfrey's notes for Stewards in 'B'

Fran Godfrey
29th September, 2012

Dawn Cox's notes on the use of Defibrillators (Training Notes)

Dawn Cox
3rd September, 2012

A copy of Chesvale's 'My First Obedience Show' Notes for New competitors.

Clair Williams
Updated on 5th Mar, 2016

Common Entry Form in Excel format (now includes choice of delivery of Running Orders for January 2013)

Les Perry
Updated on 6th Mar, 2016

Common Entry Form in Word format

Annegret Tack-Benton
29th October, 2007

YKC obedience Rules and Qualification Procedures

Kennel Club
Updated on 5th Mar, 2016 Common Entry Form - please check Schedule carefully for applicable charges if you are going to use this form. (Some Shows expressly tell you that only the Shows Own entry forms will be accepted.). Now includes choice of delivery of Running Orders. This one is in pdf format, so you need to write your details on it. Les Perry
January, 2018
Stay Marks - All Classes (Revised for 2018). This is Version 3 of the latest chart issued by the Obedience Liaison Council. Officially not in place until January 2018 (but replaces Roy Page's UNOFFICIAL chart). Obedience Liaison Council
23rd June, 2006 Obedience "Excellent" Qualifications which is awarded to a dog gaining sufficient top four placings in standard classes at Open and Championship shows. Roy Page
2nd July, 2018 KC Rally Course Grid with Signs. Rachel Bradley

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